Time to Live Fund Open

Eligible Carers can apply for funding to get a short break

What is Time to Live

Time to Live fund is a grant provided to registered carers of Inverclyde Carers Centre that meet the criteria set out by Shared Care Scotland. Time To Live individual grant awards range between £200 and £600 with an average grant of approximately £300. The grant is to help carers take a short break that is suitable for their needs. This will allow carers to flexible with their short break and can chose to take their short break as a one-off event or to have regular time away from their caring role.

Read and download the guidance eligibility notes and application form below.

Examples of Short Breaks (but not restricted to)

  • A night away
  • Gardening equipment or furniture
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Gaming equipment
  • Arts & Crafts equipment/ supplies
  • A TV/ tablet/ laptop, etc
  • Musical instrument or equipment
  • Subscriptions for audio books/magazines/TV streaming service/Music service.

Who Can Access (Criteria) 

  • All registered carers of Inverclyde Carers Centre including adult carers, parent carers and young carers.
  • Carers who have not accessed similar type short breaks through Inverclyde Carers Centre in the last 12 months. (eg Winter Fund).
  • Carers who have not been referred or receiving short breaks from HSCP.
  • Short breaks are available to Carers of all ages, gender, ethnicity, religion, race, sexual orientation, disability, caring responsibilities, economic and political affiliation


Applications received for the Time to Live Fund will be reviewed by a funding panel against the criteria set out by Shared Care Scotland.

Applications that meet the criteria are invited to a face-to-face appointment to gather more information on current caring situation, carers needs and short break requirements.

Applications will then be assessed by a funding panel who will make the final decision on the allocation of funding.

The panel may decide that overall, the application does meet the eligibility criteria but that there are some elements out-with its scope.  In this instance, they may make the decision not to grant the full amount requested but instead will decide to fund a particular element of the break/activity.  In addition, if there are more applications considered at a panel meeting than funds available, the panel will award funding to the applications, which in their opinion, best fit the intended outcomes of the fund.

The panel’s decision is final.

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