Short breaks

Our short break fund is now CLOSED and will reopen to new applications in April 2024.

The Centre offers a range of interventions, which can help Carers get a break from their caring role.

Our breaks are allocated based on the individual needs of each Carer and take in to account any other breaks they may have had. This is why we always encourage Carers to have an Adult Carer Support Plan (ACSP). An ACSP helps us help you by providing a clear picture of your unique circumstances.

Short Breaks to London - Inverclyde Carers Centre

Short breaks are vital to Carers wellbeing and quality of life

Short breaks can give Carers:

Our staff can help Carers identify a short break that is suitable for their needs. Our fund will allow Carers to be flexible with their short break, they can chose to take their short break as a one-off event or to have regular time away from their caring role. 

Examples of Short Breaks (but not limited to):


Who can apply for a short break?

Short Breaks to Edinburgh - Inverclyde Carers Centre


Applications received for the Time to Live Fund will be reviewed by a funding panel against the criteria set out by Shared Care Scotland.

Applications that meet the criteria will be contacted to gather more information on current caring situation, Carers needs and short break requirements. Applications will then be assessed by a funding panel who will make the final decision on the allocation of funding.

The panel may decide that overall, the application does meet the eligibility criteria but that there are some elements out-with its scope. In this instance, they may make the decision not to grant the full amount requested but instead will decide to fund a particular element of the break/activity. In addition, if there are more applications considered at a panel meeting than funds available, the panel will award funding to the applications, which in their opinion, best fit the intended outcomes of the fund.

The panel’s decision is final.

How to Apply

Complete the application form below. If you need assistance to complete the form, or need a paper copy, please contact the centre on 01475 735180 or email

What happens if I’m successful?

If successful, you will receive an email or phone call to confirm decision. Where possible, we will purchase the item/break on your behalf.

If this is not possible we ask for your bank details and pay the money to you directly. You must provide us with receipt for your purchase.

We will ask you to participate in evaluation process.

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