Face Coverings for Unpaid Carers

Face coverings for unpaid Carers.

Edinburgh Mask Makers, a voluntary organisation of rag-tag students, professionals and disabled people are supporting Inverclyde Carers Centre by donating 1000 fabric face coverings for unpaid Carers. Alison Murdoch, a local Carer has also kindly donated 30 fabric face coverings to help other local Carers like herself.

These fabric face coverings are not of a surgical or other medical grade mask.  They are made of cloth or other textiles and through which you can breathe.

If you would like to request face coverings, please contact us on 01475 735180 or enquiries@inverclydecarerscentre.org.uk.

Click on the link below to read what the Scottish Government have to say about face coverings.


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