Letter to Carers

A letter to Carers from Inverclyde Carers Centre Manager.

Letter to Carers,

As a Carer myself I am acutely aware of the pressure Carers are under right now. I can assure you our board, who are also all unpaid Carers, and the rest of our staff are doing everything we possibly can whilst working remotely.

We are focused on emergency planning, setting up befriending to keep in touch with Carers, and realigning our budgets to provide alternative short breaks. This in itself is going to be very difficult as many people are self isolating due to having symptoms, being or caring for loved ones, in high risk groups and now more than ever we need Carers to tell us what they need. I spoke with a Carer earlier this week who was worried about the change in routine for her Mum, who loves to play bingo.  We chatted and felt a bingo machine for the house would be one way to enable her mum to keep active and for her to get a break.

Last night’s announcement that the country will go into lock down for 3 weeks, means our staff will need to be even more creative in the support they provide.  I am proud of our staff team and know that each and everyone of them will continue to do their very best.

Take care, stay home,

Lorna MacDonald Manager

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