Adult Carer Support Plans and Young Carer Statements

Adult Carer Support Plans and Young Carer Statements – Measures now in place

The legislation on the duties for social care assessments in Scotland came into affect over the weekend, with information going out to local authorities and partnerships. These are part of the measures in the Coronavirus Act relating to assessments for adults, children and carers.

The Act temporarily relaxes the duty in the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 which provides all carers with the right to an Adult Carer Support Plan or a Young Carer Statement. It also relaxes the duty to provide a needs assessment for people who require care.

This means that as a temporary measure, local authorities do not have to undertake a full assessment for carers, or the people they care for. This is to enable local authorities to prioritise people with the greatest needs and to avoid any unnecessary delay in providing support.

Local authorities will still be expected to do as much as they can to comply with their duties to meet needs during this period and these amendments would not remove the duty of care they have towards an individual’s risk of serious neglect or harm. The duty to provide social care support and carer support will remain in place.

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