Know Your Rights

When carers know their rights and have access to information they can make the best decisions for themselves and loved ones

It’s so important to know your rights as a carer to help ensure you are always treated fairly and have access to the right support and resources. When carers know their rights, they are empowered to make the best decisions for themselves and their loved ones!

Read on to find out more about some of the important rights that carers have.

Hospital Discharge

❓ Did you know that carers have the right to be consulted on hospital discharge?

The Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 includes the duty that each health board must ensure that, before a cared-for person is discharged from hospital, it involves any carer of that person in the discharge.

Read more about the legislation here:

Discover what support and resources are available locally on our website;

You have the Right to Take a Break from Caring

When you get an adult carer support plan or young carer statement under the Carers Act, your local authority must consider whether any support to be provided to you should include a break from caring.

Caring can take a physical and mental toll so taking time out when you can is really important. This could be a regular hour to yourself to do something you enjoy or a holiday; breaks can be taken together with the person you care for, with extra help, or they can be taken apart. It’s up to you.

Funding could be available to help you take your break, read more here:,for%20people%20of%20differing%20ages%20and%20care%20needs

Inverclyde Carers Centre might be able to support you with your break, read more on our website:

Your Adult Carer Support Plan

❓ Did you know that adult carers have a right to an ‘adult carer support plan’?

Local councils are responsible for organising adult care support plans and it will contain a variety of information about your own circumstances and caring role including:

🔸 The nature and extent of the care provided and the impact on your wellbeing and day-to-day life

🔸 Emergency and future care planning, including any arrangements that are in place

🔸 Whether support should be provided as a break from caring

🔸 Support available to you locally

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Employment Rights

It may be helpful to tell your employer about your caring role, but what information you share is up to you. As a carer, you have employment rights including:

🔸 The right to request flexible working

🔸 The right to time off in emergencies

🔸 Protection from discrimination under the Equalities Act (2010)

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