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Are you a business that would like to sign up to the scheme?

The Carer Passport scheme is designed to recognise carers and their contribution to their community as well as support local businesses. Businesses that are part of the scheme provide a discount or concession to unpaid Carers in Inverclyde.

It is up to the individual businesses what discount or offer they would like to make, whether it’s 10% off, buy one get one half price or even a free cup of tea, it’s up to you. Our organisation is in touch with over 2000 unpaid Carers within Inverclyde who would appreciate any discount you are able to offer, however big or small.

The Carer Passport scheme is popular with Carers as it shows them that they are valued by their community and helps with the financial pressures associated with caring. Each Carer is supplied with a Carer Passport card so that businesses can confirm they are a Carer registered with us, by asking for proof of identity.

There is no fee to your businesses for joining, and in return for your support you will receive a Carer Passport sticker to display in your shop window, we will promote your business on social media, and your businesses details will be added to the Carer Passport scheme section on our website, making it easily obtainable to all Carers.

If you are interested in joining our Carer Passport scheme or would like further details, please contact us on 01475 735180 or

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